doomymcdoom (doomymcdoom) wrote in wlc_posers,

So yeah...

suspended from wlc
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gah! WHY?!
Some wench printed off my myspace page and gave it to Judy

once again... public information used to destroy the lives of people.

is nothing personal anymore? can we have a personal life without destruction?

apparently not in the WLC world.


September 19 2005, 17:24:40 UTC 14 years ago

I'm disturbed by that.
by what?

his myspace or what happened?

silly anonymous poster - put your name in so we know who you are!
Sorry guys. That was me. I was at work and forgot that I wasn't signed in. I'm disturbed by the fact that one could be suspended for such things. Gah.
sorry to hear about your suspension....

i'm a former WLC student. i dropped out may 2000, after two years. i was the only *odd* person there... listened to goth and synthpop, wore lots of black clothing and fishnets... tattoos & piercings... i wish this nice lil' community would have been up and running while i was taking classes. prolly would have made it a little easier to deal with.

take care and make sure to shove it to the man.