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What's this I see?

Someone wanna tell me why I didn't find this damn community sooner!?!?! Like, say, the beginning of last year when I couldn't believe how insane this WELS stuff is? And how crazed some of the people at this school are? WLC_Posers, where have you been all my life?!?! Or something. It would have been nice to have somewhere else to go with all my bitching, rather than dump it on poor Dan Rindt all the time, who was confused and upset as I. So tell me, community, do I join, or has WLC_posers sadly passed its Hayday? I notice there haven't been any posts here for like, a really long time. What's up with that? Where's that darn change-the-world spirit I detected? Don't leave me here all alone, dudes!
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Deleted comment

I will do this thing you ask, but some day, I may ask a favor of you...
(That's Stephi quoting Daria...what a great show)
This community makes me smile.
You know, we can post things as "friends only" in order to keep big secrets out of the wrong hands.
That's what I had to do in my Lj to a few very, very angry posts that I made the first week or so of freshman year.
I can not explain why u did not find the WLC community sooner... but I never really go to it because I just post on my page....
Anyway, I get to work today at studios! wooo
talk to u later
Whoa. Welcome. I had to reread the post to make sure I was seeing it right - it's been awhile since anyone's posted.

So, I'm curious - are you WELS? Or not? I'm not, and when I went to WLC I was floored by the elitism.
I am totally not WELS. In fact, I honestly barely knew WELS exsisted until like, the middle of my junior year in high school, when I went to my great uncle's funeral and the pastor gave a crazy, very uncomforting message. My mom explained that the guy was Wisconsin Synod, and that they were WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more conservative than my church. (I'm ELCA Lutheran, by the way) When I toured the school, I understood that it was a very Christian campus, which I was cool with, but when I started school, well, I was pretty put off by the exclusion/elitism going on all over. I pretty much clung on to my roommate, who goes to a non-denom church and went to a Missouri Synod high school. (I went to public school. And dammit, I love my public school.) I'm starting to think that that we were roomed together because we were both non-WELS. Wow, that was long-winded.

I bet the WLC mucky mucks still read this community like it's a crack line.

to bad i've escaped! YOUR CLUTCHES HAVE ME NO MORE!


i'm psycho.
This would have been great two years ago when I was at WLC. I really thought I was the only outsider... because a majority of the students there are WELS... and I'm not. I am sooo glad I transferred.


I wonder if I would know any of you........