Warren. Wow.

What's this I see?

Someone wanna tell me why I didn't find this damn community sooner!?!?! Like, say, the beginning of last year when I couldn't believe how insane this WELS stuff is? And how crazed some of the people at this school are? WLC_Posers, where have you been all my life?!?! Or something. It would have been nice to have somewhere else to go with all my bitching, rather than dump it on poor Dan Rindt all the time, who was confused and upset as I. So tell me, community, do I join, or has WLC_posers sadly passed its Hayday? I notice there haven't been any posts here for like, a really long time. What's up with that? Where's that darn change-the-world spirit I detected? Don't leave me here all alone, dudes!
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fuck me pants

Dress For Success

Tuesday: Classes from 8-3:30. Fuck this shit!

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Topics in Argumentation and Debate

Tommorow's gonna suck more cock than I do.

So in honor of my longest day of the week, it's gonna be all about the fuck-me pants.

I'm going to make all the girls jealous for something they can't have and all the guys jealous for something they want to be.

This campus needs more well-dressed freaks.

Scratch that-we ARE the well-dressed freaks. The one's with the best taste in clothes, music, art, books, tattoos, piercings, man satchels, grandma purses, etc, etc, etc.

So be on the look out for Aaron Berth sporting the hottest pants this side of Luther's Small Catechism.


(hey posers-lunch at 11 in the Uppie? SEE YOU THERE)
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(no subject)

Welcome back to hell everyone!

Best of luck to all you bitches on the new semester.

I'm taking 20 credits, two phy ed classes, and i can't get any less than an A and two ABs in my com classes to graduate.

I'm actually going to do homework this semester

The apocalypse is near and dear to my heart

Fuck off WLC
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i know i just wrote an entry - but i'm in one of my little emotional rampages.

i was thinking of how i felt about each of you before we met, though i'd seen you from afar or heard of you and gathered perceptions.

perception is such a powerful thing. how we perceive others, how we perceive others are perceiving ourselves, and how we perceive how we are perceiving how others are perceiving us.

it's complicated - it gets mixed up. because other people's thoughts are not our own we can only try and guess how others are perceiving us. this perception affects how we feel about them.

is it always right, or sometimes wrong?

i perceived every one of you as an amazing individual before we ever met or right as we were meeting.

but i forget how i felt not only when i met each of you, but how i felt about each of you after only passing you in the hall or seeing you at dinner.

i could go into detail about it, but it's way too personal. it just makes me smile, and during certain moments i look at you guys and marvel at how at one time we barely knew each other, but now are close friends.

you'll never know when these moments occur, but i do.
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